GOTY 2015: Alyssa W. Edition

2015 has been a great year for gaming, with a plethora of amazing games released. These are my personal favorites. Drumroll, please…

Best Action Game: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider gripped me in its beautiful, bloody claws from the moment I picked up the controller. There are more tombs this time around, and Lara is a  stronger, more confident character. Full of exhilarating combat, gorgeous locales, superb character models, and a cracking story, this is a must-play.

Best Horror Game: Until Dawn

This is a true sleeper hit. Until Dawn is a game that cheekily pokes fun of, and pays homage to, classic horror films. Following the lives of eight young adults on one fateful night, you decide the fate of these unfortunate souls. This game is packed with well-executed jump scares and isn’t afraid to show plenty of gore. The use of the butterfly effect is an excellent feature, and I loved how the player is asked to undertake a series of psychological tests that sway how the story plays out.

Best RPG: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The final installment of Geralt of Rivia’s epic story is a worthy entry into the acclaimed series. Do you like fascinating characters, stunning locales, and complex yet accessible combat in your games? You’re in luck! The Witcher 3 beautifully incorporates all of these features in its amazing package, along with an amazing story to tie everything together. Hours and hours of game play ensure that you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Best Adventure Game: Tales from the Borderlands

This game tickled my funny bone and warmed my heart in equal measure. Bringing back iconic characters such as Handsome Jack, Zer0, and Athena, while also introducing new characters Rhys and Fiona, was a brilliant choice, and the voice actors helped ensure that everything had the signature Borderlands touch. Telltale Games sprinkled its magic dust over the popular Borderlands franchise and made a beautiful baby, and for that, I salute you.

Best Characters: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt, Triss, Ciri, Yennefer, and the rest of the cast are all fascinating, gripping characters. Each character feels like a living, breathing person. You truly care for – and despise – these individuals.

Best Voice Actress: Camilla Luddington (Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Providing the voice for one of the most iconic women in gaming isn’t an easy task, but Camilla pulls it off beautifully. Camilla brings warmth and strength to Lara, and guides you along Ms. Croft’s exhilarating journey.

Best Voice Actor: Doug Cockle (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Returning as the voice of Geralt, Doug perfectly portrays the White Wolf as a steely, determined man who is fighting to rescue the young woman he considers to be his daughter while also navigating the complicated emotions of love and friendship.

Best Game of Pure Evil: Bloodborne

Oh, From Software, you sadistic geniuses. You brought us another gloomy, tough as nails game…and we love it. With perseverance and skill, you too can save Yharnam. This dark world is infested with the Blight, and it’s up to your lonesome warrior to vanquish the darkness. Bloodborne is extremely addictive, causing you to curse the game and smash your controller, but also sucking you in and refusing to let you go until you’ve conquered this world.

Game of the Year: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Lara and her perilous new adventure completely sucked me in and grabbed my heart. Relentless action, breathtaking graphics, crunchy combat, and an excellent story easily make this my GOTY, and this must be played by anyone who’s a fan of action-adventure games.

Most Anticipated Game: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Nathan Drake’s final chapter has me impatiently bouncing on the edge of my seat. I need to know how the story wraps up, and I’m itching to dive into more cinematic action.
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