The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 8, Ep. 13: Falling for Fallout


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It should come as no shock that the Fallout series is on a lot of people’s minds lately. After all, Fallout 4 did just release, and it’s a pretty damn good game (or so I’m told!)

This time on the podcast, Jeremy Stratton joins me to tell me a bit about the series because, as it turns out, though I’ve read a lot about it and watched videos over the years, I’ve never directly played any of them. Jeremy approaches the topic quite well and is very informative and fun; he mentions some of the lore and also discusses his experiences with the older games, talks briefly about the new game, and then tells me about his current Fallout 4: New Vegas project.

What is Fallout 4: New Vegas? Well, no, it’s not a “new” game or any sort of expansion or DLC. Rather, it’s his own pet project where he has been working carefully to install a large volume of mods into 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas in an attempt to give it better graphics, more content, and lots of gameplay features that were never dreamed of for the original game (but, oddly enough, some are part of Fallout 4).

Music for this episode comes from the official Fallout universe’s musical score and no infringement is intended!

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