The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 8, Ep. 12: Indie, Retro, and Reviewers

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This week on the podcast, Jeremy Stratton stays on as guest co-host with a show geared towards our new (launched this year) indie and retro gaming website, Zero Friction.

For a bit, we discuss the site itself, what we’ve enjoyed about it so far, and what we’d like to see happen with it. We also put a call in for new writers and content producers, because we’d really like to build up our currently two-person operation into something where a lot of people feel comfortable coming and sharing what they are passionate about.

After that, our conversation changes gears a bit and turns into a discussion about reviews, the review scale that we use (which is a bit different), the “expected” sort of review scale that people seem to rely on (jokingly referred to as a “four-point scale”), and more. This is a topic I know we’ve discussed in the past, but it once again rears its head due to its relevance.

Music in this episode is taken from Overclocked Remix’s Final Fantasy VI album, Final Fantasy VI: Balance & Ruin (2013).

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