Demon’s Castle of Stormvale in Ys IV: Mask of the Sun!

The previous episode of Ys IV: Mask of the Sun took us on a nostalgic tour of the lands of Esteria, seen in Ys I and II. Having once more cleansed those lands of the demon threat, we return to Celceta and to the Village of Komodo to find Lilia being kidnapped by Eldeel. What does this winged being want? It’s unclear for now, but the Romun Empire is interested in this land too, as Adol must face off against their (rather weak, thankfully!) soldiers to keep the town out of Romun hands.

With the Romun threat gone, it’s time to head to Stormvale Castle, where Eldeel resides. The place is a maze, and it takes a long while to find all the goodies and figure out where the prisoners are being held. Sadly, after a boss fight, Lilia is gone, but she leaves behind the Eye of the Moon, which completes our collection and is enough to gain us an audience with the Great Sage. The Sage gives us information on Eldeel’s people (and thus, in a roundabout way, tells us who the Goddesses of Ys really are) and now we’re left with a quest to head to the Mountain of Fire and seek out the Hero’s Sword.

The scholar and his wife gain us entrance to this new area, but that will be where our next episode will take us! For now, stay tuned and subscribe! More fun is on the way!

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