Final Pre-Heart of Thorns GW2 Video!

Well, as some of you may know, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns launched October 23. This is the first major, paid-for expansion to the game, and I’m very excited to play the new content!

So, to go along with that, I figured I would get rid of my backlog of pre-Heart of Thorns gameplay videos. So, this is the last video in that set.

In this episode, I recorded a run of the first path of Explorable Mode for the Honor of the Waves dungeon. Honor of the Waves is actually a really neat place, and it’s even better because I love the Kodan people in the game. This run also went very well, all things considered, and I had a lot of fun playing with my friends and guild mates! 🙂 In many ways, this video represents the fun that can be had in “vanilla” GW2, so Heart of Thorns is bound to add even more to the experience!

Thanks for watching as always, and please subscribe to my main YouTube channel for more awesome fun!

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