All About The Doll Life- An Interview With Ashphord Jacoway

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ashphord Jacoway, who stars on Myx TV’s The Doll Life, a show devoted to modeling and the life of the models. She is an absolutely impressive woman, and everyone should take notice.


Alyssa White: The Doll Life is a television show focused on the modeling of Lolita fashion, specifically “dollystyle.” For anyone who may not be familiar with this fashion, how would you describe it?

Ashphord Jacoway: Lolita fashion is based on the Rococo period and Victorian style and the idea has evolved into a statement of innocence as well as the fun of dressing up. It is very fabric-oriented and is usually about making looks centered around one idea. “Dollystyle” is the style that the designer Cyril Lumboy calls her brand Doll Delight.

Alyssa: How did you first become involved with The Doll Life?

Ashphord: I received a call from them where they said they were looking for models for their new fashion line. I was into it, so I went to the interview and they gave it to me. I really enjoy the work that Cyril does and I like her style, which is looking like a doll.


Alyssa: You’ve probably had some pretty interesting experiences during filming. Have any been particularly memorable?

Ashphord: My most memorable moment has probably been filming my last episode. It’s just us coming together as a whole and expressing our experiences being on the show. It was so beautiful to see how we all chose each other, and it was so honest. We were just having a beautiful, honest moment, and we had such a wonderful opportunity to capture it.

Alyssa: You’ve been on several different television shows. How is reality TV different?

Ashphord: It feels like you’re being more like yourself. Filming The Doll Life was so organic and what happened, happened. You get a boost of reality.

Alyssa: For any women who are interested in joining the industry, what advice would you give them?

Ashphord: Pick one thing that you’re really good at, and really try it out and go for it. You can do anything.


Alyssa: You’re a huge fan of anime and Japanese video games. What do you recommend to watch/play?

Ashphord: My favorite anime to watch right now is Food Wars. As for games, I really love Katamari Damacy. If you have the time to play it, it’s just so much fun! It’s very long and very relaxing. I’ve also been playing the My Little Pony app, so also get that game! It will take so much of your time, and it’s wonderful.

Alyssa: Just for fun, what have been your favorite cosplays that you’ve created?

Ashphord: I love Asgardian Storm and the new female Thor. Being from Asgard makes me happy.


Alyssa: Where can we find you on social media?

Ashphord: I’m on Chocolate Covered Cosplay and I have my own blog.

If you’re interested in The Doll Life, here’s a promo for season one:

I want to thank Ashphord for answering my questions and for allowing me to interview her!

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