Adol Returns to Esteria — New Ys IV Video!

In an effort not to have the game be completely ruined for me, I’ve tried to stay away from full story guides and walkthroughs of this one, and so I have to admit that this session of Ys IV: Mask of the Sun was really cool for me.

After curing the wife of Gazok and gaining another piece to the Mask of the Sun, we return to Selrei Village and get word that Esteria is under attack from demons. Thankfully, the village is a port on a river, so it isn’t hard to procure a boat to travel back along the coastline and back to the port of Minea. Indeed, Esteria is under attack again, and once we clear out the enemies from the town, we head into the plains and confront a boss (yes, after some grinding). Our grinding, of course, pays off and he’s super easy, and then we get a nice, leisurely tour of the locations we visited in the first two Ys games. We get a very useful item from our friend Goban, then get word that Lilia has set off on her own for Celceta; Adol presumes she most likely went to Komodo.

After finishing things up in Esteria, we return to Komodo, but I decide to save Adol’s rendezvous with Lilia for episode five!

Anyway, this was a fun episode and I hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned – more is on the way!

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