You Should Watch: Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an anthology series, in the same vein as The Twilight Zone, that explores our connection to technology and the negative effects it has on our lives. Love, family, fame, and our constant appetite for entertainment are all themes that are explored in this fantastic, chilling series.

Each episode is a stand-alone vignette that features a different cast and storyline. Jon Hamm, Domhnall Gleeson, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Hayley Atwell are just a few of the superb cast members who bring the excellent narratives to life. The performances and writing are top-notch, and the aesthetic is stunningly bleak.

Black Mirror effectively inspires the viewer to consider the consequences of constantly being attached to their electronic devices, and explores how we as a society are addicted to our public personas. Black Mirror achieves what most television shows shy away from, effectively sending a chill down the audience’s spine when they pick up their phones or log into a social media account.

Even though each episode is worth watching, some are definitely stronger than others. My personal favorites are “White Bear” and “Be Right Back.” It’s better to go into this series completely blind, though. Not knowing what will occur in each episode intensifies the terror and increases the suspense.

If you’re looking for a compelling, suspenseful television show to watch during the cold winter months, Black Mirror is right up your alley. Just be prepared to go on a technology ban afterwards.

Black Mirror is available to binge-watch exclusively on Netflix, and the third season will be released sometime in 2016.

One thought on “You Should Watch: Black Mirror

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I can’t wait for the new season! I binged it on Netflix sometime ago and got so excited when Netflix picked it up for a new season!
    What I loved about each episode was my reaction. Horror, disgust, and WTF.

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