Exploring Dry Top in GW2 in 1440p60!

Dry Top is a zone west of Brisban Wilds in Guild Wars 2 that first opened right as I was starting an extended leave of absence from the game. I unlocked it right before I quit, but I never really took the time to explore it. The zone is billed as an “adventure zone,” and has an emphasis on exploration, puzzles, and scavenger hunting as opposed to how most of the typical zones flow.

Story-wise, this is where the Zephyrite fleet crashed down during one of the living stories. The zone is very arid, sort of like a desert plateau, and sandstorms frequent the region. However, although the sandstorms can hurt you and prevent visibility issues, it’s during these storms when special treasure chests get unearthed. If you have the proper tools to open them, some pretty decent loot can be found.

This zone connects pretty well with The Silverwastes because some of the items found here can be used there and vice-versa.

On another note, I recently made the pre-order for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, so once that goes live, you can expect to see some videos exclusive to the new content that we’ll be starting to see!

Anyway, stay tuned – lots of fun content is on the horizon!

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