#WatchedList: Gaga, Vikings, and Carol!

I missed last week’s #WatchedList because after the AHS: Hotel premiere, I literally sat in my room for a full week thinking of that scene with Gaga…ahem. I’m back with my take on the shows I’ve been watching this past week. I’m no longer watching Heroes Reborn. I think I can enjoy it more and feel less “wait…what?” about it after I’ve caught up on the original series. I guess I know what I’m doing this summer! Don’t forget to join me throughout the week for live-tweeting of your favorite shows!

Gotham – “Strike Force”


Perhaps I’m having Joker withdrawal, but this episode fell a little flat for me. The previous ones were so exciting, and this was very, for lack of a better term, meh. Captain Barnes creates a task force to crack down on corruption within the station. Hearing Michael Chiklis talk about police work made me want to watch The Shield.

One plotline that kept me interested was that Nygma can cook! But he also did a really slimy thing of hinting they were going to a restaurant but ended up directing Kringle to his place instead. Not cool, dude. Hoping for a little more oomph next week, Gotham.

Minority Report – “Fredi”


Dash is officially part of the team. He goes undercover on a case, using his visions to track down a suspected murder victim. Things get a bit entangled, and there’s some tension between he and Vega on how to handle the case. During all of this, Agatha is plotting something rather big. I like Minority Report a lot, far more than I anticipated after the premiere. I wanted to like it then, I truly enjoy it now.

iZombie – “Zombie Bro”


This show is always a highlight of my week. It’s a fun, quirky show. This week’s bro brains had me laughing, and also saying “bro” for an hour or two after (apologies to anyone who had to put up with that, bro). You should check it out and also have a look at Sabrina’s awesome iZombie recaps. If you missed last season, it’s available now on Netflix.

Limitless – “Page 44”


I still really like this show. If you remember it’s sci-fi, Limitless is pure entertainment. I like that humor is still prominent, thanks usually to Brian, the main character. He continues to help the FBI solve crimes thanks to his side-effect-free controlled usage of NZT. The FBI is trusting him more, and Brian is slowly starting to feel like a member of the team. Even when he sets free a dozen lab rats. I feel like sometimes Jennifer Carpenter, or her character, are hard to read, and it feels slightly awkward. Anyone else?

This episode revealed more about Agent Harris’s father and her struggles in dealing with him. Brian tries to fake out Senator Morra’s goons when they demand FBI files. He’s conflicted, he’s building relationships within the FBI, but the only way to keep his father (and his own life!) safe is by following Morra’s orders. Bradley Cooper will be back in the upcoming episode.

American Horror Story: Hotel – “Chutes and Ladders”


Some tips should you find yourself at the Cortez: avoid Room 64, don’t order room service, and RUN FAR AWAY NOW! Leave your luggage, forget your deposit, just leave now! This season dropped us right in the middle of chaos, no gradual introductions at all.

I was relieved that the second episode didn’t repeat the totally unnecessary and brutal scene from the premiere. The same character appeared, but only briefly. I hope that this remains the case going forward. There were, of course, loads of creepy moments and weirdness afoot. As well as plenty of smoking hot scenes with Lady Gaga. We learned more about the Countess, including how she handles her relationships. This was also the most we’d seen of Evan Peters this time around on American Horror Story. I kept waiting for him to say “old sport,” and wow, he really knows how to do sadistic.

The music in this season is everything! I’m trying to sort out what the many stories are being woven into (hopefully not a mattress…). As Rocky would say, I wait with great antici…….pation.

Sleepy Hollow – “Blood and Fear”

Without giving too much away, this episode dealt with a modern-day “Jack the Ripper” style baddie. We see the trouble Pandora is capable of, and it’s made clear that she’s only going to make more. Abbie: watch out! Ichabod puts serious consideration into becoming an American. Will that mean he’ll start wearing jeans, perhaps?

Jenny was in action throughout the episode, tracking down the Shard of Anubis. Jenny is probably my favorite character on this show, so I was a happy camper! At the end of the episode, Abbie is concerned for the risks Ichabod continues to take to solve mysteries. Foreshadowing of harm to Ichabod? Of something brewing between the two of them? We shall see. I’m still enjoying Sleepy Hollow, despite what the ratings may say. I do hope for more Betsy Ross coming up, and stronger episodes overall.

Doctor Who – “The Girl Who Died”


The last two episodes of Doctor Who were scary, the one before that was exciting and emotional. Now, we finally get fun. Well, fun Moffatt style, which means you’ll laugh and then have your heart tugged at! Also, you had to look past any possible foreshadowing of Clara’s demise. This episode was an adventure. The Doctor has some incredible lines in this episode. One of my favorites was an early one when he is discussing premonition with Clara, staying it’s, “just remembering in the wrong direction.”

Maisie Williams is in this episode, which is awesome of course! Clara and The Doctor end up in a Viking village. Nearly immediately, the Mire, whose leader is all about war and drinking the testosterone of recently slaughtered vikings, show up. They declare war on the vikings and hilarity ensues as The Doctor attempts to train, and severely mocks, the only ones left in the village to fight. There’s a party, there’s video blackmail, and the Benny Hill theme song. It’s all jolly good fun until it gets quite sad.

There are some beautiful moments of The Doctor translating a baby’s cry. Also, The Doctor admits his fears and regrets, the pain of losing people, and how he feels powerless within the rules he is supposed to follow. There is a flashback to Tennant, used as an explanation as to why The Doctor chose this new face. I think it was truly just a way to make us cry, seeing Number 10 and Donna. Not cool. What is cool is that this was another two-parter, and Maisie Williams will be back again next week!

The Walking Dead – “JSS”


CAROL. Is there anything else to say? I was half asleep before the episode started and after it ended, I was totally wired. It was so good. This season just has me buzzing.

It was an episode so intense, my words could never do it justice. From the get-go, there was just epic action. The Wolves were involved, need I say more? We find out what the horn was coming from that freaked out all the walkers last week. Carol takes charge and kills like only she can. Morgan also proves he’s not to be messed with, as he keeps the wolves at bay (ha) – though many people on my Twitter feed were disappointed with how he handled them.

I want a video game with Carol as the main character. I don’t really care what the premise of the game is, just let me be Carol!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Fargo! I love the movie and thoroughly enjoyed the series’ first season. The premiere was entertaining, and the cast is just incredible. So much fun.
  • Kingdom is unlike most shows I watch, but it became one of my favorites a couple episodes in last season. You have incredibly good looking people combined with some gut-wrenching and fantastic storylines. If you have DIRECTV’s Audience Network channel, check it out!
  • I’m happily getting my Viking fix with Bastard Executioner and The Last Kingdom.

Am I missing any shows? Give me your suggestions! Let’s chat about our favorite shows on Twitter.

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