The Last King of Hyrule – Great Zelda Fan Game!

There are several sites I like to look through now and then to see what sorts of new indie and fan-games have been released recently, and the other day I stumbled across one called The Last King of Hyrule. What’s funny is that although this was listed on RPG Maker Net, the game was designed with the Super Mario Bros. X engine. Odd, I know, but it’s not the only non-RPG Maker game listed on that site.

Anyway, The Last King of Hyrule makes great use of the Mario engine. The game is done in the action-RPG style of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, with towns, NPCs, and the actual action taking place in side-scrolling platforming areas. This fits perfectly with the engine used, and the overworld itself is basically done in a veiled Super Mario World style, but with the Zelda 2 feel to it. The graphics have a nice 16-bit appeal to them in many ways, and I absolutely love how the power-ups work in the game. The story is interesting, at least, and early on I address where it could “sort of” fit in with the chronology if we had to place it.

Here, I complete two of the six major temples and have some frustrating moments, but a lot of fun in the process. Should I continue, though? I’ll let you decide that!

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