Serious Side-Questing in Oceanhorn!

For a while, I thought that Oceanhorn might be a fairly short game, but so far this has proven not to be the case! Of course, that’s a good thing in my book, because I like to really dig in and enjoy the adventures that I commit to taking part in! 🙂

With Undead King Angler finally put to rest and the Emblem of Ocean in our hands, we could immediately get things together to travel up to Sky Island, but now that we have the Trencher Boots, it actually seems to make more sense to revisit some of the places we’ve been before to see what items we missed when we didn’t have the ability to jump the gaps that we can now. This entire video is dedicated to doing just that, and it nets us some more blood stones, some experience, some money, and a couple heart pieces. All in all, not all that bad.

Of course, while we could prepare to go up into the sky in our next episode, there’s the matter of Riptide Reef, the supposed resting place of the legendary Coral Saber – a sword rumored to be strong enough to actually hurt Oceanhorn. The Coral Saber is what was used to bring down another powerful beast called Sealork, so it might be exactly what we need. So, stay tuned for episode eight – we’ll be heading to Riptide Reef to find this sword of legends!

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