Zelda: Outlands — More Twistedly-Confusing Fun!

So far, Zelda: Outlands has turned out to be a refreshing take on the classic NES Legend of Zelda formula. I really like how the game isn’t exactly linear, that the overworld is very complex, items are obtained in ways you’d least expect them to be, and that the game is actually quite challenging!

As my journey through this classic 2001 hack continues, we finally return to Level 1 to get the Step Ladder we were unable to get earlier on, then use it to revisit Level 3 in order to complete it and get a very important upgrade (the Blue Mail). We also get the Handy Glove in the process. Then, it’s back to Level 4 with additional health and defense in order to clear that room with the Heart Container in it. Once all of that’s done, I seek out and take down Level 5.

There’s still a lot more waiting for us to complete, though, so you’d better believe that I’m set on finishing this one! Stay tuned, everyone!

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