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It’s hard to believe that The Gaming Goddess podcast started out back in January of 2012 and we’re already kicking off the eighth season of the show! But, what’s even more amazing is that in the three-and-a-half years of podcast seasons, we’ve already reached our 100th episode!

In fact, as season seven drew to a close at the end of May, I happened to find out that the final seasonal episode was the 99th of the show. So, I kind of had all summer to plan for a big comeback with season eight and the 100th episode. Yet…well…truth be told, the summer was actually pretty busy, so I’m sorry to disappoint you but I didn’t, in fact, end up spending the entire summer planning a special celebration. Still, I do think that what I’ve put together here is a nice representation of what the show has had to offer so far in 100 episodes of recording, and it really highlights the strong points in this podcast so far.

This episode starts and ends with some monologues (how the podcast originally made its 2012 debut), but the meat of the episode might fall in the hands of two (yes, two!!) special guest segments that represent both the fun of the past and the newness of the future. Jeremy Stratton (a.k.a. StratX) joins me first to talk about a wide variety of topics, including some of our recent observations with the change in direction that YouTube has taken in the past couple of months. Then, my second guest makes her first-time Gaming Goddess podcast debut (and her first time ever being on a podcast, period!). Those honors go to Nerdy Nurse (a.k.a. PsychRN) – she joined me late one night during her night shift at the hospital she works at, so if you think she’s a bit low key this time around, keep in mind that it is her debut and she was trying not to make too much noise!

Smack in the middle of all that, I have some great little clips that were sent to me by fans of the show to congratulate us on reaching 100 episodes. These notes come our way from Alexander Tullis (The Twelve), Nawkcire, Zachary Auld (of Plug n’ Play podcast and The Button Smashers), Q and Roger from The Button Smashers Podcastand my great friend Warren Bennett. There might be a couple “late” congratulatory notes going into episodes 101 or 102, though, so be sure to keep an ear open!

Finally, I’ve put in a nice mix of awesome gaming remixes to enjoy throughout the episode. I’ve always loved music from sites like OC Remix, and I think it’s also been one of the strong points of the show for a long time.

Oh, and a very special thanks to the awesome Sade, who put together the current logo for the show!

So, kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Follow the links under the embedded player to subscribe on iTunes or get the RSS. You can also download the MP3 itself here: GG 08-01: “The Obligatory 100th Episode Special!” (MP3)

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