Getting to Know Gideon Emery


Ever wanted to know what the schedule is like for a voice actor in video games? Or just wanted to listen to that velvety chocolate that is Gideon Emery (Fenris/Balthier)?

Check out this exclusive interview with him in SA Gamer.

You may learn some things like:

GE: When I get an audition, it’s usually for the next day, sometimes same
day. That means the accent already has to be in my bag of tricks.
There’s no “oh, I’ll spend a week working on this”. You either can or
you can’t.

Or this. I remember this and shaking my head at that myopic joke.

GE: It certainly doesn’t help the cause when Chris Rock jokes at the Oscars
(as he did a few years back) that voice acting is so easy, in and out
and they pay you a million bucks. Well the majority of us are working
long sessions, week in week out, often screaming and yelling, for scale.

There’s some fascinating peeks behind the mic to flesh out the background characters and quest givers we all walk past, then pause and think, “wait, I know that voice!”

Ah, I could listen to that voice all day:

Read the rest at SA Gamer.

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