Nerd Out Over This Hot New App!

Attention nerds! There’s a hot new app out that you need to download!


Nerd Out is an app created by Your Friend Elle. According to the app’s Indiegogo:

Nerd Out is your one stop shop for all nerdy events! Gone are the days of having to search the web for all your events. Now, all the information will be centrally located in one place, the Nerd Out app. It’s a safe place for adults and kids alike to discover nerd inspired events in their local areas while also showcasing hundreds of events from around the world. Moved to a new area? Going on vacation? Find nerd events wherever you’re located. Included is the ability to build your own schedule, set alerts for events, and connect with friends.”


Now, as a member of the geek community, I was very excited to give this app a try. I spoke with Elle briefly about the app at the Game of Bloggers Meetup for SDCC and couldn’t wait to download this gem. I’ve been playing around with the app for a while, and I’m liking what I’m seeing.


The calendar is currently the best part of the app. By clicking on the calendar section, you can view, either as a list or on a map, upcoming nerd events that you can attend. This is especially useful when attending conventions.


There are a lot of parties, meetups, and events that occur around conventions which aren’t officially affiliated with the con. In the past, you had to scour the internet to find the events you’d want to go to and figure out your schedule yourself. With Nerd Out, all the events will be listed in one handy place! As someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to scour the internet but still wants to attend a lot of fun events, I’m stoked!


Other features include “My Favorites,” where you can list the events you plan to go to; “Profile;” “Users;” “Wall,” where you can write statuses and look at other questions and comments; and a message screen which includes directions for submitting events to the app. This is one of the best features, since anyone with a public geeky event can add it to the app for others to find. This means that someone still working on growing their audience will be able to reach more people for their event!


One downside is that some areas are missing events. However, this problem will disappear as more people begin using the app and submitting their events for others to find. So, add the app, submit events, and enjoy as you nerd out! 😉

Nerd Out can now be found for Android and iOS devices! Follow Nerd Out and Elle on Twitter.

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