Oceanhorn Continues with Old Fortress and Fire Cave!

Last time we left off, we’d arrived at the Fire Cave, but in order to progress through it, we were told we needed a special item that we could find at Old Fortress. So, now, we set sail to that fortress island, which is essentially another short mini-dungeon to complete. It’s really not that bad in the end, and our prize is the Ice Spell (figures that would be useful in the Fire Cave, right?). Anyway, the Fire Cave itself throws a few challenges our way, but we manage to persevere and obtain the Fire Spell.

With those two spells at hand, we can now unfreeze the path to the Royal Palace of the Gillfolk, where supposedly we’ll find the Emblem of Ocean.

But, to find out what happens there, you’ll need to stay tuned for episode six! I hope you all are enjoying this so far – I’m having a blast recording these! 🙂

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