Oceanhorn: Turmoss and The Great Forest Temple!

When we last left off, we met an Owru in the Withered Lands who claimed to be the last surviving member of his kind and who, in addition to teaching us a magic spell, told us the location of the Emblem of Earth. Apparently, the emblem is sealed away in a temple on Great Forest island, and so that marks our next destination in this fantastic Zelda-inspired adventure!

Great Forest is a large island that serves as the first “major” dungeon of the game. The island and the shrine therein are both, together, one large dungeon. It’s here where we obtain the bow and arrows as our treasure and then, at the end of the dungeon, get to face off against a large-scale boss called Turmoss. Ultimately, he isn’t that bad, he goes down without too crazy of a battle, and thus the emblem is our prize.

As for the fate of the Owru people? Well, if you stick around to the end of this video, you’ll find out what’s really going on there.

Anyway, upon returning to the sea, the Hermit tells us that he wants us to come back to his island. What awaits us next, though, will have to wait for episode four!

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