Alcahest — The Epic Final Battles!

Well, here we are at the grand finale of Alcahest – an awesome Japanese action-RPG for the SNES from back in 1993.

What’s really neat here is that although the last two stages feature boss rushes of a sort, with pretty much no real healing between battles (though yeah, you could grind enemies for healing drops), the bosses are actually upgraded and more powerful than when you first encountered them. In fact, on several occasions I found myself getting my butt kicked and was close to wanting to just quit, LOL. But, I managed to study these upgraded forms and persevere and get through them. Yet, in hindsight, I know that this would have been easier if I’d actually gone back at the end of Stage 7 and went to the black pillar to use the metals we got from the bosses to summon the Guardian Mail. In fact, frankly, I’m surprised that the Guardian Mail wasn’t required, but I’m pretty confident that it would have raised our defense significantly and we wouldn’t have had to heal nearly as much as I did in those last few battles.

Ah well, live and learn! In either case, I got through it, and had a lot of fun!

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