Continuing Alcahest – A Great J-ARPG Adventure!!

At the encouragement of my good friend Greg of Destroy All Fanboys, I’ve decided to press on with Alcahest, which has proven to be a fantastic, under-appreciated action-RPG for the SNES. What’s more, Greg pointed out that the game was actually produced by Satoru Iwata, and thus in its own way, these videos will serve as another tribute to his memory.

Last time, we left off with our hero heading into the mountains to take on the imperial forces and seek a cure for the princess’s curse, and thus our adventure here takes us through the mountain, to an imperial fortress, high into the sky to a floating battle fortress, and then to some ancient ruins where, at the conclusion, we take on Babylom in an epic battle (and thankfully win!). It’s been a lot of fun so far, and we still have three more major areas to explore before we’re finally finished!

I hope you are enjoying this game so far and, if you are, please take a look at my channel for more exciting content!

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