Terranigma – The Grave at Time’s End?

We’re closing in on the final phase of Terranigma, and things are getting very interesting…and strange! In our last outing, we awakened Dr. Beruga, who turned out not to be such a great guy after all. He revealed his plan to infect the whole world with a substance called Asmodius so that people would revive as undead zombies and most of the world’s population would be destroyed. His reasons weren’t fully clear, but he appeared to gravely injure Ark. We woke up back in Lhasa, and Lord Kumari told us that in order to stop Beruga from fulfilling his plans, we would need to collect the five Starstones and bring them to “the grave at time’s end.” This, he said, would allow us to awaken the “golden child.”

What all of this meant, though, is not fully clear, but our goal at least seems apparent. Thus, in this video, I seek our the four remaining Starstones (one in Neotokio, one in Astarica, one in Australia, and one in the Sahara) and bring them to that strange graveyard down in Dryvale. It’s then, as we place the stones within the skull-like altars in the cemetery, that we awaken what appears to be a spirit-like version of ourselves. This one claims to be the “Light Ark” and collides with us after a short exposition, causing our death. We awaken, though, as a baby under Elle’s care in Storkolm.

How does this video wrap up? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned to the end to find out! I’ll tell you though: it’s a bit of a twist!

As always, thanks for tuning in, and if you enjoy what you see, please subscribe and support the channel!

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