Invasion of the Overworld — Spoiler Free Book Review!

InvasionOverworldCoverTitle: Invasion of the Overworld
Author: Mark Cheverton
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Publication Date: August 26, 2014
Availability: Widely Available via Paperback, eBook, or Audio Book

Not too long ago, I was mailed a copy of Invasion of the Overworld and asked to give the book a look-over to see what I thought. As a gamer and someone quite familiar with the Minecraft world, they were curious to see what I’d think about it. Having never heard of it or the subsequent series of stories it spawned, I was curious, and found that it was a very quick read after jumping right into it.

The book is truly geared towards a younger audience, roughly at the third grade level or beyond. While the overall setting is certainly video game themed, it seems as though the actual purpose of the book is to teach people to consider how their actions affect others. The story chronicles the adventures of Gameknight999, a boy whose father’s invention accidentally teleports him into the world of Minecraft. Previously, Gameknight was the type of player known for griefing, teasing, or otherwise cheating and bullying other players in the game. After being jettisoned into the game world with many questions (such as whether “death” in the game would be a permanent state for him), he discovers that he’ll need to set aside his previous, childish ways and learn to work together with others in order to build a more positive world and stay alive.

The writing, while not perfect, is still decently delivered, and there were quite a few lines that I laughed at as I read them — even at my age. The story was certainly interesting enough, but it does end on a note that I felt wasn’t quite satisfactory — mainly because it was obvious that this was meant to be a part of a series, and at least I understood that we’d get a few more things addressed as the series progressed.

Would I have liked to have seen more polished grammar and a few less typos? Certainly, but at its core, Invasion of the Overworld delivers a good story with a poignant and necessary lesson for youths and adults alike: working together and bringing out the positive traits in ourselves and those around us helps make our world, real and virtual alike, a better place!

Invasion of the Overworld is available in print, eBook, and audio book format from a variety of vendors.

Final Score: B-

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