Quint’s Revenge — A ‘Fan-tastic’ Fan Game!

One of the reasons I recently did some quick playthroughs of Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge and Mega Man II on the Gameboy was because very recently, the fine folks at Sprite’s Inc. released a brand new fan game called Quint’s Revenge that stars Quint, a little-known character who made a very brief appearance in MMII. As I talk about in the first part of this video, Quint has an interesting backstory. In MMII, Dr. Wily steals a device called the Time Skimmer from the Chronos Institute and travels 37 years into the future, where he finds Mega Man living a peaceful life. Wily proceeds to kidnap him, brainwash him, and “enhance” him, then brings him back to the present to pit him up against Mega Man.

Quint is an odd boss, not using a Mega Buster at all, but rather fighting with a strange pogo-stick called the Sakugarne. Very odd and forgettable. Yet, Quint’s Revenge takes another look at him. After Mega Man defeats him in MMII, Quit doesn’t get destroyed, but rather, he teleports away. The game picks up right after that, with Wily discarding him and saying he was a useless pile of junk. Quint, however, breaks free of Wily’s programming, feels his powers restoring, and sets about escaping Wily’s base and taking down his Robot Masters with his more advanced, futuristic weaponry.

The game makes great use of these new abilities. The dash can be used to jump to places normally inaccessible, rush through certain areas, or make precision maneuvers otherwise impossible. The duck feature is something missing in the original series that adds a lot to the game. The other upgrades are useful for overcoming unique situations and pulling off some things that would be very difficult without them. In some ways, this is like an enhanced, colorized remake of Mega Man II, and one of my favorite things about it is that the music has all been remixed and improved to sound “normal” and far less high-pitched. MMII actually had some good tunes, but they’re all way too treble-focused.

Overall, I think Quint’s Revenge is a fantastic experience. This video here covers the introduction stage and the eight Robot Masters, and I plan to follow it up soon with a playthrough of Wily’s Fortress. So, stick around for that!

Meanwhile, if you want to try the game out for yourself, get the latest build right from Sprites Inc.!

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