Pre-E3: Bethesda Press Conference News

E3 is officially still a couple of days away, but Bethesda decided to have their press conference on Sunday before the show got under way. Here’s what we learned!


The trailer for Fallout 4 came out a couple weeks ago, and that was awesome. We learned so much more about it: the game starts in pre-war times, your character is voiced, and dialogue is radial Mass Effect/Dragon Age style. There’s also a HUGE crafting system; you’re able to customize your weapons and armor, and you get to rebuild the wasteland; that part reminded me a lot of the Hearthstone DLC for Skyrim. A quick thing that was shown was that clothing is no longer restricted by gender; the male character is able to wear a dress. That’s great! Unfortunately, this was shown in a jokey context in the demo; it would have been nice if it was shown in a more neutral way. It’s not 100% clear if you’ll be playing the character you make at the beginning or their child. The game seems a lot more colorful than previous iterations in the series, and I’m excited to explore Boston! You’ll be able to get a Pip-Boy edition, which comes with a real Pip-Boy that you can slot your phone into to play the second-screen experience. I’m super excited for that. There’s also a Fallout Shelter app that you can download RIGHT NOW for your iPhone! I’m going to play it after I’m done with this article. Fallout 4 is out in mid-November!

Dishonored 2 was accidentally leaked in a Twitch stream from some poor employee who left their mic on Saturday evening, but we got the full announcement tonight. I haven’t played the first game yet, but I was super excited to see that you’re able to play as Emily, the kid from the first game! She’s all grown up now. You can also play as Corvo. They also announced the Definitive Edition for current-gen systems.

Doom was showcased, and it looks beautifully gory. A little thing that impressed me a lot about it was how much you saw your character’s hands – they’re fantastically animated, and it seemed to me that it would make it more immersive if you picked up and handled every gun. There’s also a feature called Doom Snapmap, which makes it SUPER easy to create your own levels and game modes. Awesome.

Some smaller things that were announced:, which is already being used for ESO, will be used for all of Bethesda’s games (kinda like, I guess?). Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited was shown off a bit, with new areas to explore in the coming months, along with Dark Brotherhood content (yay!). Battlecry Online is a Team Fortress 2-looking thing; they literally subtitled it Team Based Action Game. You can sign up for the beta hereElder Scrolls Legends was also announced, which is a card game that seems like Bethesda’s answer to Hearthstone. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

What are you most excited for from Bethesda’s upcoming projects? Let us know in the comments!

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