Paper Mario 3D Land — Fantastic Fan-Game!

I know I’ve focused on a few Legend of Zelda fan games here lately, so I figured it was time to change things up a bit and do a Mario one instead. And, though there were a ton of games I could’ve chosen for this, I decided to visit a relatively new one from the awesome DJ Coco.

If Coco sounds familiar to you, she should: she was the one that created Super Mario Country, an awesome, brutally hard fan game done in a style that closely resembles Super Mario Land 2! Yes, Coco’s games are hard, but they’re all very well-done.

Paper Mario 3D Land was designed to capture the fun and overall style of Super Mario 3D Land (and also 3D World as well) while showcasing a graphical style drawing from the Paper Mario series of RPGs. In my opinion, it all works very well!

This game features a total of 16 stages to go through, complete with stars to collect, a wide array of challenges to complete, and new power-ups added for the game (Mole Mario as well as Dandelion Mario)! It’s a tough game, but it’s also rewarding to beat the levels!

If you’d like to download the game (totally free!), you can do so at the Mario Fan Games Galaxy!

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