Review: FarSky – A Deep Sea Survival Adventure!

In FarSky, players take the role of Nathan, a researcher whose submarine breaks down deep underwater in the middle of the ocean. Too deep to safely swim to the surface (and with a limited air supply anyway, even if he were to try doing so), he has to set up shop in an abandoned undersea facility and use it as a staging ground to locate the missing pieces of his watercraft, grow food, and build parts to assist him on his journey. In essence, it’s one part Minecraft and one part Miasmata.

What I’ve really enjoyed in my time with this game so far is its attention to underwater physics and the like. The player cannot immediately swim to the surface (both because the game limits you, but also because you’d get the bends in real-life) and diving below a certain depth without the proper gear will result in intense pressurization, killing you quickly. Because of the limited air supply (which I feel may be too limited at a paltry three minutes and 20 seconds at first), each venture outside the small base must be carefully planned. Mining resources, such as iron in order to build tools, is critical, but so is hunting prey for food (you can die of hunger!) or even getting coal to power the stove to properly cook your food. Through crafting, better diving helmets can be made (to allow diving at greater depths) as well as better sources of oxygen to allow for longer journeys, and all of that is ultimately necessary to find all nine pieces of the submarine.

Not only does the game come with the primary Adventure mode, but it also features a Sandbox mode that unlocks once you complete the main storyline.

The game’s music is relaxing and otherwise well-done, the graphics are very nice and quite fitting of the aquatic setting, and the controls fit perfectly with the game. Plus, there’s something fun about being chased by a dangerous shark, don’t you think?

So, in short, I’d recommend watching the included first impressions video I’ve set up with this mini-review, but I definitely think that FarSky would be a worthwhile purchase if you’re a fan of survival and crafting games, but are looking for a new setting.


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