A Lot More Terranigma to Enjoy…in 4K!

In the last installment of my 4K playthrough of Terranigma, we’d set things right at the mirage town of Louran and for the people living in Lhasa and were left with the mystery of how to cross the northern desert. Well, as it turns out, the nomads can explain a complicated route through the desert sands, and once we complete this and head through some mountains, we end up in Europe.

Our first stop here is in the town of Loire (obviously a play off of Liore, and thus a medieval France), where we learn that King Henri XIII is holding a competition, with the prize being the hand in marriage of Princess Elle (yes, the surface world version of our Elle!). Yet, this isn’t an easy task: the princess has been mute for many years, and we need to break this spell in order to marry her.

This requires some complicated snooping around the castle and eventually putting the whole castle to sleep with some poisoned mushrooms so we can steal the Protect Bell from the king’s chambers and safely enter Norfest Forest.

Norfest Forest is located in Scandinavia somewhere, and is supposedly the location of the destroyed village of Storkolm (yep, obviously Stockholm!). There’s a definite Lost Woods vibe here, but a walkthrough helps us keep from getting hopelessly lost in the dense woods.

When we arrive in Storkolm, we get quite a shock: it appears to be an exact replica of Crysta in the underworld! Here, all is not well. It turns out that the King of Loire had destroyed Storkolm some years ago, and the only survivor was Elle, the daughter of the mayor and his wife. Perhaps this is why she’s been mute ever since?

Meilin, the young girl with the power to create mirages, shows up out of boredom and offers to help Ark show Elle a vision of her parents, but this has an unintended consequence: the princess murders the king and flees the kingdom. Yet, with a tyrannical king out of the way, the city has a chance to grow and evolve.

Meanwhile, with nothing left for us here, we travel south to Litz…

Litz (Lisbon, Portugal) is merely a stop on the journey to somewhere bigger. We learn about an explorer who had discovered a continent across the sea to the west, but he appears to have gone missing, possibly in Sylvain Castle. After stocking up, we head northeast to the castle, which many say is the longest dungeon in the game with perhaps the absolute hardest boss as well.

The dungeon is indeed huge and confusing. Our goal is to find four gemstones to place in a series of paintings that reveals a hidden dungeon of the castle. The boss is Queen Mary (referred to here as “Bloody Mary”) accompanied by her daughters. The daughters are easily dispatched, but Mary herself is no joke. Truth be told, we end up being far too under-leveled for the battle, but through abusing some save-states and using some magical spells to unleash powerful damage, we do manage to pull off a victory and save Columbus from a terrible fate.

Next time, perhaps we’ll be able to convince him to take us west, to a whole new (but familiar) continent!

As always, I hope you enjoy watching these, and your subscription is always encouraged!

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