Paranormal: The House – A Creepy Procedural Experience!

If you’ve never heard of Paranormal, it’s an indie game that first appeared in late 2012 and was advertised as a “procedurally-generated horror experience.” Another way they described it was as a “random haunting” game. Basically, the scenario was that you were a guy who felt that there was something other-worldly going on at his house and decided to film it in that “found footage” sort of way, and each playthrough would vary a bit because the events that happened would be selected at random, encouraging re-playability.

Since its initial release, the game has been overhauled rather extensively. In late 2014, an upgraded version was released that contained two new “tapes” (or chapters) to add to the game: Paranormal: The Room and Paranormal: The Town.

This video here is a complete playthrough of Paranormal: The House and ends with what I think is the “good ending.”

Please let me know if you enjoy this, because if you do, I’d be happy to record the other two chapters! 🙂

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