Terranigma – The City of the Damned?

Last time around, we managed to kill a powerful demon in the frozen mountain region of Eklamata, and after its defeat, Ark seemed to pass out and enter a deep, dream-like state. Now, we awaken three years later in Lhasa and meet Lord Kumari, who tells us that he knows of our adventures and what we’ve done to restore the Earth. He asks us to help a girl who’s gone missing in the deserts to the north.

We equip a couple new items, then trek to what appears to be the Gobi Desert region, ending up chasing the girl through the hot sands and ending up in the “Mirage Town” of Louran. At first, things seem pretty normal except for a couple comments made by a few NPCs, but after spending the night there and waking up the next day, things definitely take a turn for the worse!

What happens, you ask? Well, since some of you haven’t played this game, that would be a spoiler, so I think you should just watch it and find out. 🙂

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