Nerdy (and Sometimes Flirty) Swimwear

Any good hero has a suit. Tony Stark has the Iron Man suit, Batman, of course, has the Bat-Suit, and everyone knows Link by his classic green garb. I’m sure when Catwoman goes to sunbathe, she wears a black latex bikini that matches her well-known catsuit.

Though I’m not a crime-fighting hero (I can’t speak for all of you) I think that I still deserve a suit, specifically a swim suit, that serves as an extension of my personal style. Here are my hero-approved choices for the best nerdy (and sometimes flirty) swimwear:

1. The Superman Cape Suit

LC-HER-007-SuperManCapeSuit-2-WEB_1024x1024Pros: Not many other beach-goers will be wearing a cape. In addition to wearing this as a swimsuit, many buyers donned skirts with the one-piece to make it look like a dress– you’ll still see the belt because of its position high on your waist. The print and cape even make it versatile enough to be your Halloween costume. BlackMilk also offers LT sizing (which stands for long torso) — tall ladies rejoice!

Cons: Expensive. BlackMilk clothing is known for having relevant pop culture prints, but at a price. In addition, in The Incredibles, Edna said “no capes!” for a reason. I just imagine someone not being smart enough to un-attach the cape and get sucked into the pool filter.


2. Rainbow Galaxy One-Piece Swimsuit


Pros: The colors are super vibrant, according to reviewers. The ruching helps provide a flattering, retro fit; rockabilly meets the Milky Way. The tie back neck helps the top stay in place. It also comes in sizes 16-26!

Cons: Not much support in the bust area, according to the reviews. If you have a larger chest, you might want to skip this suit, because there isn’t any underwire.





3. Harley Quinn Lace-Up One-Piece Swimsuit

hq2 hqPros: You’ll be able to show some skin without wearing a two piece. The front zipper and the lace-up back make this a super flirty piece .

Cons: It sounds like it runs small, according to reviewers. It might also be a little too revealing for some. I’d suggest trying it on in-store to be sure the fit is best for you.



4. Batman Lace-Up Back One-Piece Swimsuit (I really like the lace-up ones!)

bat bat2Pros: The scoop neck might be daunting to those with a bigger bust, but the lace-up design offers support. The colored ties in the back create contrast that’s sure to bring you some attention. I also just really love the pop-art print.

Cons: I’m always wary of purchasing items that don’t have reviews. Plus, it’s about $50.



5. You’ve Got Chemistry Bustier Swimsuit

chemPros: Who wouldn’t want molecular models on their swimwear? Like the other Modcloth piece, this has the retro style I like. I also love the high-waisted bottoms. It’s really flattering for the hips and stomach. The extra fabric below the bust also gives a little more coverage than a typical bikini. This thing comes with the works too: removable halter straps, supportive frame, underwire, padding, and boning.

Cons: The description states: best fits smaller cup sizes. This could be a pro if you’re like me and have a slim frame. The padding and cut will give me some shape. However, reviews discuss how anything over a small C-cup won’t fit comfortably in this.


6. Rhaegal Dragon Egg Vegas Suit


The Mother of Dragons deserves some time to lounge.

Pros: The print is awesome. The new season of Game of Thrones begins this April, so you’ll also be super relevant. Ties behind the neck help keep everything in place. You can even cross the straps for a more modest look. Many buyers paired this with the matching skirt to create a cohesive dress. The cut is also pretty unique.

Cons: The cut might be a little too unique. As the title suggests, it is very Vegas. This seems like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Breasts will be everywhere, just like in Game of Thrones. 

7. Chewbacca Tribute Swimsuit


Pros: It’s Chewbacca. Obviously it’s awesome. This style also comes in Darth Vader and Stormtrooper prints.

Cons: This suit has quite the v-neck. I don’t know if I’d feel safe with this being the only thing (barely) covering me. Also, if you’re going for the sexy look, a large walking carpet might not be the best choice.

Which one is your favorite? Any luck finding some more cost-conscious geeky swimsuits? Make sure you leave us a comment. Until then, I’ll be watching for the Batman one to go on sale…and for spring to get here faster.

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