Vol. II of Zelda: Parallel Worlds Remodeled!

In the previous volume of my Long Play of The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds, we worked our way through the Light World dungeons and confronted Draegar, who told us upon his defeat that he’d been controlled by a powerful sorcerer, then drew us into the frozen parallel world. This volume picks up with our journey in this strange, cold land. Structurally, this plays out a lot like the Light World/Dark World dynamic from Zelda: A Link to the Past (or Parallel Worlds, for that matter), but right now we don’t possess the ability to return to our original land.

The world is sprawling and complex. Unfortunately, we missed a key item in the Light World (the Cane of Byrna), and while this isn’t essential, it’s one of the only things that makes the Nabooru’s Hole dungeon bearable. Without it, we’d fall victim to the myriad of spike traps that we have no choice but to cross. The only feasible way I see around it would have been to save that dungeon for later and have a lot of hearts as well as Blue Potions to use. In any event, rather than start the game over, I entered a cheat code in the emulator to unlock the item. I feel this was the right decision to make! 🙂

As with the previous installment, I’ve put in a chapter select menu so that you can navigate this video’s four chapters! I hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe and, most importantly, have fun!

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