Roundup of the Best Technologies at CES 2015

CES 2015

One of the most prestigious tech events anticipated by many industry experts annually is the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES). It’s a four-day event that showcases the top technologies and innovations by leading developers and companies, introducing consumers to the next wave of devices they should expect on the market in the coming months. Although the event for this year happened almost two months ago (January 7-10, 2014), we’re still in awe of what we witnessed at the conference, and we want you to know the best innovations that many of us witnessed at the event.

Previously, Kelsey listed the highlights and top gadgets featured at CES 2014. In this post, we want to present a round up of the best and much-awaited technologies all of us can expect to arrive on the market this year.

Wearables were all around

It was expected that this year’s conference would be filled with wearable devices from top mobile manufacturers. Experts and reports had forecasted that there would be an increase in the demand and interest of consumers in these technologies, particularly smartwatches. Here are the smart wearables that took center stage:

1. Sony announced the stainless steel edition of the SmartWatch 3.
2. Lenovo featured their first smartwatch, the Vibe Band VB10.
3. Garmin launched three wearables: the Vivoactive, the Fenix 3, and the Epix.
4. Alcatel presented the One Touch Watch.
5. Razer has an entry-level wristband, the Nabu X.
6. Withings introduced the Activite Pop.

You can check out other wearables over on NDTV.

As businesses are now looking at the efficiency of wearables in the office, Alyson Edmunds of Telefonica raised the following question in a O2 news article – is 2015 the year wearables enter the workplace? However, Edmunds wrote that there are three main areas where Bring Your Own Wearable (BYOW) strategies will raise concern: security, privacy, and supply-side complexity. But, she said that she’s “optimistic that 2015 is the year that both manufacturers and customers find the use case for wearables in business.”

4K TV and more revolutionary home technologies

Not one, but three tech giants revealed their revolutionary 4K televisions at the CES 2015. Sony, Samsung, and LG featured their own version of super high-resolution displays. There were also other names that joined the 4K TV revolution, such as Panasonic, Dish with their 4K Joey, Dolby, and Netflix. But, the two highlights were undoubtedly Samsung’s SUHD television and LG’s OLED. Apart from TVs, there were also a host of other home technologies featured at the event, such as the Apple HomeKit, which is said to allow users to control many smart devices through voice recognition via Siri. Here are other home devices that created a buzz online:

Smart Light Bulb System by Staples Connect
Hom-Bot vacuum by LG
Netatmo Welcome for home security
Budgee, the robo-assistant

What to expect at CES 2016

Although this year’s event ended recently, the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) has updated the official website of CES to give viewers a glimpse of what to expect in 2016. With a topic entitled “Future=Delivered,” CES 2016 is set to be at the same venue in Las Vegas and will be on January 6-9, 2016, and registration is now open

Although the International event took place in January, CES Asia 2015 is still set to take place later this year. In fact, registration is still open for those who want to attend the conference on May 25-27, 2015 in Shanghai, China. It’s expected that over 100 companies from 12 countries will join the exhibit to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC).

What’s your favorite technology and innovation that appeared at the CES 2015? What do you expect to appear next year?

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