The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 3: The Art of Freebooting

It seems like there have been quite a few non-gaming topics to cover here lately, and this specific episode’s topic is courtesy of NawkCire from Twitter. He mentioned the concept of “freebooting” and wanted to know our thoughts on it, so here my guest co-host Warren and I talk about the issue in a general sense and then talk about the wider issues with digital copyright and intellectual property theft. As Warren says, it’s a new world we live in, so there are lots of different issues with which to wrestle.

In the first few minutes, you’ll also get treated to a bit of a short monologue I provide (in video format!) to address the addiction topic from our previous episode again. I wanted to clear up a few things so that no one would claim we glossed over such a major topic!

Grab your own MP3 or stream it live here.

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