Spoiler-Free Review: Gotham: Episode 15: The Scarecrow


Previously on Gotham, a serial killer (Gerald Crane, Johnathan Crane’s dad) is on the loose who is stealing people’s adrenal glands – people who were members of a fear support group; Bruce told Jim he was released from his promise to find the murderer of the Waynes; Maroni tried to kill Oswald, who narrowly escaped thanks to a church bus; Jim is dating Lee, the doctor from Arkham; and Fish Mooney’s boat was attacked as it tried to leave Gotham.

As the episode opens, Fish Mooney is in some kind of creepy underground prison. Some men threaten to jump her, but she intimidates them out of it. Jim and Lee have just finished their third date, and Leslie reveals that she’s just been hired at the Gotham PD. Another victim of Gerald Crane has been found, this time a high school teacher, again with the adrenal glands removed. Crane Sr. is using the adrenaline inside to inject himself; he sees a woman burning.

Oswald asks for Falcone’s protection from Maroni, but Falcone is initially more concerned with redecorating Fish Mooney’s nightclub. He finally lets Oswald stop squirming and gives him not only the club to run, but his public association. Jim and Harvey meet up with someone who proofread one of Crane’s papers – his theory is that everything is ruled by fear, and wants to test that theory and try to get rid of that instinct. Seems like he took matters into his own hands here. His son super isn’t into this.

Edward continues to be a creep. Bruce has a lot of angst in the woods, and he and Alfred have a really nice bonding moment. Judge Turnbull is being held captive by a dominatrix in Maroni’s house? That was unclear.

Watch Gotham Mondays at 8pm EST on FOX. Next week, episode 16: The Blind Fortune Teller!

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