Kraven Manor Kicks Off 2015’s Horror Series!

Since people seem to enjoy watching me play the occasional horror game, and admittedly I do enjoy playing and recording/streaming them, I’m more than happy to continue doing so in 2015. And, in order to kick off this year’s Night Terrors series, I decided to do a quick playthrough of Kraven Manor on Twitch!

Kraven Manor was released in September 2014 by a small group called Demon Wagon Studios. It was actually developed as a senior game design project, and this likely explains the game’s overall shortness. But, despite the fact that the game is short, it does offer some interesting gameplay mechanics and a few fun puzzles to solve; it also does a good job of creating a spooky atmosphere as you explore the house. A sense of dread is kept up in most areas, and that’s generally a testament to good development.

I’ll say that I found the scares in the game to be a bit limited in terms of diversity but, that aside, I still enjoyed this game. I’d definitely recommend it if you can get it as part of a bundle (as I did) or get it on sale on Steam at some point (since the regular price is a bit steep for what you get).

Enjoy, and please follow me on Twitch or subscribe on YouTube! 🙂

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