Getting Closer to Torchlight’s Finale!

We’re certainly closing in on the last portion of Torchlight, but there’s still a lot to enjoy ahead!

In Chapter IX of the journey, we return to the main quest and work our way through the Lost Fortress area, fighting our way through hordes of enemies and finding some neat items along the way. Given how much side questing we’ve done in the past, this area doesn’t prove to be all that challenging, though that’s not the worst issue to have.

The boss, a cat-like sorceress named Medea, seems incapable of dealing any real damage to us. Each hit does zero HP of damage, and I’m not sure if this is due to our stats, our armor, or both. But, in either case, she falls, and opens up the way towards the last major area.

In the tenth chapter, I take a quick break to do another side quest that yields us a little loot and a bit more experience, but even with that, the Black Palace is very difficult. It’s a huge difficulty increase from Lost Fortress, and it really keeps you on your toes. I only get through the first of the floors here, so there’s plenty more coming – we’re getting much closer to the Lair and the final battle.

Stay tuned, and please subscribe to me on YouTube!

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