Allahweh Tackles More of Torchlight!

As I mentioned before, I’m on a mission to get through Torchlight so that I can focus on other projects that I have in mind. But, this doesn’t mean I want to rush it or treat it half-assedly; rather, it means I just want to get through it, have fun while doing so, and move on to different endeavors!

In this first video here (the seventh in the series), I tackle pretty much the entire Molten Prison area, wind my way through the maze-like fortress sitting atop molten lava, and find some money and weapons along the way. The boss fight against Kraag isn’t really that bad, though he does have some champion enemies with him that make the fight a bit more chaotic!

Then, in this next video, I spend some time going back and doing some of the side quests that have built up. I go through the portal in town and into a Molten Prison-like area in search of a treasure for that one NPC who’s kept us on our toes since the beginning of the game. Then, I use some portal scrolls to visit some really cool areas in search of loot and experience.

I don’t really get that much in the way of really epic loot, but the experience will certainly pay off for these upcoming later levels of the mountainous dungeon!

Sit back, relax, and stay tuned for some more Torchlight fun real soon!

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