2087 arrives in 2015 with Technobabylon

I know, I know. You’re looking for a dystopian cyberpunk adventure game with a retro twist, but there’s just nothing scratching your point-and-click itch. Boy, have I got news for you! Wadjet Eye Games, along with Technocrat Games, have recently announced Technobabylon, due to release in the spring of 2015.


“Technobabylon takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future where genetic engineering is the norm, the addictive Trance has replaced almost any need for human interaction, and an omnipresent AI named Central powers the city. Its all-seeing CEL police force keeps tabs on everyone…including three people who are about to meet their maker.” says Wadjet Eye Games by way of the recent game announcement.

Technobablyon, or rather a portion of it, was released in 2010 by Technocrat’s James Dearden, who intended to release the game in eight parts. This initial release was met with generally positive feedback from the indie community. James writes about this release on the Wadjet Eye Blog: “Technobabylon: Part 1 [was] a one-room “escape” adventure designed to see what I could do with AGS. I started getting messages of support about it, and so I pressed on with another part. Longer and more narrative, this one was the most popular, and by this stage I was starting to realise that there was potential for something bigger in this. No longer could I just pull plot from my backside, I needed to make a plan!”

Integrating feedback that Dearden received following these earlier releases of Technobablyn segments, the partnership with Wadjet Eye Games promises the top notch graphics treatment and voice acting we’ve come to associate with Wadjet Eye Games, as well as revamped story and gameplay.

“A jobless agoraphobe, addicted to the man-made worlds of a distant descendant of the internet, has become targeted for assassination by forces beyond her understanding. With nobody she could really call an enemy or a friend, she must face the dangers of “meatspace”, and survive a conspiracy that has invisibly ruled her entire life. An agent of the city’s all-seeing secret police finds himself blackmailed with the lives of the unborn children of his long-dead wife. Pushed to the limits by his deceit and his past, how far is he willing to go to save his legacy?”

Alongside the game announcement, information about Charlie Regis, one of the three playable characters, was revealed.

Be sure to check out the game page to learn more about other characters as information is released. You can also follow Wadjet Eye on Facebook and Twitter.

You can read more about this upcoming adventure game by visiting Wadjet Eye Games’s website and Technocrat Games’s site. There, you’ll also find the back catalog of games by the Technobablyon team, including the Blackwell series, Resonance, Primordia, and Gemini Rue.

So now that you know how great the upcoming Technobabylon is going to be, how would you like to volunteer your soothing vocals in a speaking role for the game? Technocrat’s James Dearden assures us that “the main acting’s already been recorded, and that was handled in a professional manner by Dave Gilbert (studio, and everything).”

How then, can your tones contribute to the cause when all you have is a headset mic and you’re nowhere near the Wadjet Eye studios?

“Because these contacts are coming across on a “telephone”, they don’t need to be ideal – they can sound like they were recorded on a diddly little headset mic, or a built-in laptop microphone. This means that we have the potential to get a whole lot more people involved,” James explains in this post on Technocrat Games’ website.

“We have a telephone address book in the game with a lot of extras who might need to pick up the phone. Therefore, we need people to answer these fictional phones, and those people could be you, if you fancy the opportunity to be in the game! It’s the future, and someone’s randomly called your future-phone. What answer are they going to get?”

So if you’re ready to submit something along the lines of “Hi, this is Adam. I’m not here right now, leave a message and I’ll get back to you,” email your interest to extras(at)technocratgames(dot)com for a more in-depth explanation of what they need.

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