Mega Man Eternal – Six Years in the Making!

I first heard about Mega Man Eternal many years ago when it was very, very early in its development. In fact, back in its early days, I even provided some advice as to what I think would work well with the game, and the designer, Daniel R. Page, took those things to heart. In fact, the design of the stage select (inspired by Mega Man IV on the Game Boy) was my recommendation.

Eternal traces its origins back to the year 200X (okay, seriously, the year 2008) and now after six years of development it is finally ready to be played.

Beyond featuring a new story and a brand new cast of Robot Masters, the game features all custom-designed graphics and a truly original soundtrack. While having the overall look of the NES games, this one should be considered more as an “enhanced 8-bit” title, as it doesn’t truly adhere strictly to NES rules. This isn’t a bad thing at all though.

So far, my only concern is that the game will be a bit too hard for some players. It isn’t a problem that the bosses are difficult and some areas have some tough challenges, but a few areas are almost unfairly challenging (like when you clear the mini-boss in Pulse Man’s stage and fall through to the next room, if you don’t immediately hook to the side, you’ll die), which brings to mind a few things from Mega Man 9.

Still, I really am enjoying this game so far. This video (taken from a quick livestream) is merely my first prolonged play of the game. You can expect a longer, more complete look at the game sometime after the holidays!

Tell us what you think!

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