Golvellius: The Second Quest – Last Two Videos!

So, having gotten much farther in Golvellius: The Second Quest, I now have a love-hate relationship with this game. I think it’s very well-designed and makes great use of classic music and customized graphics. A lot of the enemies in the game are also very novel, considering that it was designed with an older version of Zelda Classic.

That said, the balance of the game leaves a lot to be desired as you reach the later areas. The difficulty curve is pretty high, but discounting that (and allowing, perhaps, for a lack of skill in certain areas), I still find that the game puts you in annoyingly difficult situations and some of the fun factor goes away.

So, this will be my final video of the game. The fourth video wraps up with the end of the seventh major dungeon, and that’s about enough for me. Perhaps one day I’ll revisit this game, but that’s likely a long time off (if ever). Feel free to share your thoughts though!

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