Fight the Dragon (PC) – Video and Mini-Review!

Title: Fight the Dragon
Developer/Publisher: 3 Sprockets
Genre: Roguelike
Players: Single-player or online
Platform: Windows via Steam
Price: $14.99 via Steam
Release Date: December 4, 2014

Fight the Dragon is an interesting roguelike game that had been in Early Access for some time and was finally released on Steam by 3 Sprockets on December 4, 2014. The graphics are very colorful and the controls are pretty simple. Overall, this game feels like a more cheery version of Gauntlet, but what sets this game apart from most others is that it features not only the ability to play through a single-player quest or campaign, or even the ability to play those things online with others; it also features a powerful, easy-to-use quest and campaign editor. The end result, then, is the ability to play through other people’s content and create your own to stump your friends and also strangers from around the world.

In the video included with this post, I played the game’s single-player mode for about an hour and shared my experiences with it. I’ve only seen the creation aspects as well as some of the multi-player aspects as shown online by others, and have yet to do them myself as of writing this article, but I can say with confidence that both of those modes seem pretty well-done and solid based on everything I’ve seen. The multiplayer seems really fun, and the quest designer seems easy enough for most people to learn and to put together content with minimal strain.

I did find the graphical options finally, so please disregard my comment in the video about the game seemingly not having said options. However, I did find them to be a tad buggy. My main display will handle a super high-resolution of 3200×1800, but even when selecting this in the in-game settings, the screen was still forced to 1080p. Again, this isn’t a huge issue, although it did make me a little upset that the game wasn’t allowing me to take full advantage of my screen and my computer’s capabilities.

All in all, this is certainly an admirable attempt. I think 3 Sprockets did a lot of things right with this game, and I definitely think a few things can and will be cleaned up by later releases. Thus, my score at this time is quite positive.

Final Score: B+

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