The Final Parts of Zelda: Origin!

I’ll admit that I’ve had a lot of fun playing Zelda: Origin (a 2012 fan-game made by DarkFlameWolf), but it was finally time for me to wrap this game up. Why? Well, as I explain in the video’s intro, I’ll be updating the operating system of my desktop, and as a result will be reformatting a couple drives and backing up files. So far, I’ve been unable to find a work-around for the fact that the save feature built into Zelda Classic puts a hard path between the game engine and the custom game being loaded, which means if you copy the files to another computer, it will think the quest path is broken, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to work around that short of starting a new game.

Anyway…this video pretty much wraps up the game. Here, I take on level 8 and Ganon’s Lair and explore the overworld for a few final items. I don’t bother to get all of the Heart Containers, but that’s mainly because I didn’t feel like fooling with the mini-games too much. Still, it all wraps up nicely and has a satisfying little ending.

I tend to disagree with the game’s author about the game being “easy,” but maybe my skills just aren’t up to par with some of the other players. I almost shudder to think of what the other two modes must be like!

My run of Golvellius: The Second Quest will also be getting similar treatment, so stay tuned to see how that game goes! 🙂

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