Spoiler-Free Review: Gotham: Episode 9: Harvey Dent


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Last week, a bunch of stuff happened, but my favorite thing was Bruce asking Alfred to teach him to fight and Alfred agreeing with a wonderfully mischievous smile on his face. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this Alfred?! Jim also got caught up in a weird underground fight club for people who don’t pay their debts.

Jim invites Selina over to his apartment, and she’s drinking milk, which is hilarious. A glass milk jug. When is this set again?! Jim asks Alfred if Selina can stay with Alfred and Bruce, and Bruce agrees because it might help him get closer to the answer of who murdered his parents. Their first meeting is super cute, as is their relationship throughout the episode. This episode introduces Nicholas D’Agosto as the titular Harvey Dent, and of COURSE the first time we see him, he’s flipping a coin. Gotham does not do well with subtleties…but it’s a comic book. Do they ever?

Honestly, a lot of the mobster filler stuff is starting to bore me a bit. I would much rather be with the characters I “know” instead of the generic mob guys and crime-of-the-week. I know it’s supposed to be a crime show with comic elements instead of a comic show with crime elements, but I think that I like how S.H.I.E.L.D. is set up more than how Gotham is set up. I’m not going to give up on Gotham though. It’s still early.

Watch Gotham at 8pm EST Mondays on FOX.

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