Allahweh Plays Dream and Mega Coin Squad!

Recently, I agreed to join the awesome stream team over at Ladies of the Round Table (LORT) and so far, it’s been a lot of fun. My very first stream for them was initially going to simply focus on the indie game Dream, but a ways into the game, I reached a game-breaking bug that pretty much prevents you from continuing, so I decided to continue with Mega Coin Squad, which is another really cool game.

Dream is certainly an interesting game. The concept of exploring your subconscious to piece together things from your life is very neat, and in many ways this strange idea reminds me of Master Reboot. But, the game is considered to be still in development, so there are plenty of bugs. Unfortunately, I found one that prevented me from finishing the game. I do find this a bit worrisome – the game has been available on Steam since 2013 as an Early Access title, and the problem I had has been noted since that year as well. You’d think by now they would have fixed the issue…

That’s why I picked up Mega Coin Squad next. This game is really a fun, awesome experience that harkens back to the day of classic platformer titles. Somehow, without even trying, I got #11 in terms of speed world-wide when I played it! Yay!

Be sure to follow the Ladies of the Round Table Twitch channel while you’re at it! There are lots of great streamers there! =)

Tell us what you think!

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