7 Nerdy Lady Things to be Thankful for

This Thanksgiving, reflect and give thanks for not only your family and friends, but that other nerdy women out there are creating products that can make your life just that much better. I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up seven essential products with nerdy origins that I believe women should be thankful exist!

From clothing to makeup to subtle homages to your favorite sci-fi show, this list can be used as a jump-start to your present shopping, whether it be for the upcoming holiday season, a birthday, or a just-because gift! Most importantly, all of these items are made by women, or a business that has a lady partner – some are husband and wife teams!

1. Earrings

Of course, earrings are a staple in a lot of wardrobes. How better to show your nerdy spirit when you’re not allowed to wear full cosplay to the office? Try these to show off your fandom without writing it on your forehead.


Vintage Ms. Marvel Earrings – $11.00


Quantum Bit Sterling Silver Geeky Nerdy Earrings – ket 0 and ket 1 – $20.00


Mini Purple D20 Earrings – $11.44

2. Keychains

Have a bag that needs spicing up? Need a smile when you look at your keys? I got you!


Hand-Stamped Binary Initials Keychain – $11.70 (It’s able to be personalized!)


Recycled Circuit Board Keychain – $25.00

3. Shoes

A good pair of shoes can make a person feel powerful and on top of the world. Kick ass and take names in these awesome pairs of shoes.


Disclaimer: these aren’t technically shoes, but shoe wings, so you can channel your inner Barry Allen!

The Flash Lightning Bolt Embroidered Shoe Wings – $10.00


Star Wars Flats Shoes – $80.00


MST3K Mystery Science Theatre Slippers – $26.00

4. Bags

I’m 100% sure that you have things than need carrying, whether it be laptops, small animals, or bottle caps for future currency. Try these bags for all your carrying needs!


Star Trek Messenger Bag – $20.00+


Outer Space Bag, Small Shoulder Bag – $29.00


Harry Potter Shoulder Bag & Embroidered Charm – $55.00

5. Nail Polish

Have a strict dress code, but still need a dose of geekery in your day? Try painting your nails in your favorite video game shade.


Final Fantasy Red Mage Matte Nail Polish Mix – $7.00


Pandorica: Rory Williams and Doctor Who Inspired Black Holographic Nail Polish – $12.00


Case Hardened – Counterstrike Collection Indie Nail Polish – $8.50

6. Hats

In addition to being 100% sure that you have things that need carrying, I’m 100% sure that everyone reading this also is in possession of a head. I suggest these hats for optimum head-covering.


Crocheted Masterball Hat – $25.00


Portal Cake is a Lie Hat – $22.00


Luna, Artimus, Diana, Luna P: Sailor Moon Hat – $16.00

7. Phone Cases

Adorn your phone with smashing accessories that will display your nerdy love. Some are very old-school meets new school, and may overwhelm you with nostalgia; proceed with caution!


Computer Punch Card iPhone 4/4s or 5 Case – $17.50


Mars Craters Phone Case – $49.00-$53.00 *Made for iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Phones


Professor Nerdy Kitten Phone Case – $18.00 *Made for iPhone, Samsung Phones

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