Nerdy Couples – Halloween Style

No one cosplays harder than a geek – except a couple of geeks!

Love-nerds everywhere are getting into full swing, posting what they’ve come up with for Halloween this season!
I have compiled a list of my favorite ten costumes, that will hopefully inspire you as well if you’re rushing last minute trying to come up with something for you and yours!

10. The only thing more delicious than a box of Nerds are two boxes of Nerds! WORN BY NERDS! Oh, the irony!

A Couple of Nerds

A couple of nerds

9. Gender bending is all the fad! Luke and Leia! I love the twist these two made to a classic Star Wars couple. I personally still think Star Trek is better, however, I can appreciate this! It’s pretty epic.

Gender Bent Star Wars Couple

Gender-bent Star Wars couple

8. Um, YES! I’ll totally do this! I’m not sure my husband would go for it though…BUT IT’S STILL FREAKING AWESOME!

You have done well, Sailor Moon.

You have done well, Sailor Moon.

7. EVERYONE has done Zelda and Link. They’re everywhere, all the time. It’s starting to be a bit oversaturated. But this…this is epic! Link and Navi! Now that’s a famous duo who gets very little credit, and it’s perfect for any couple!



6. For all you Harry Potter fans, here’s one for you – a quidditch player and their snitch! It’s super easy to make, and you’ll certainly be the life (and game!) of every party you go to!

Hold onto your brooms! Zoom Zoom!

5. This is absolutely adorable! Doctor Who and Rose! Perfect for all you Who-vian couples!

Doctor Who and Rose

Doctor Who and Rose

4. This is super BioShock-ing, pun intended! I absolutely admire all of the work that went into this fantastic getup; great job, y’all!



All right , now we enter my top 3 Finalists for Couples Costumes!

3. As if I don’t already have PTSD caused from the sirens that wail during the film…now I get to see this limping around! I mean, it’s super amazing and PERFECT for Halloween – it causes me terror on an unbelievable level. This costume is NOT for the faint of heart (like myself), but it’s killer. (Metaphorically, not literally!) Unless you’re an axe-murderer or something…

Cue the Siren!

Cue the Siren!

2. This is definitely the new Addams Family for me. I mean, seriously. It’s incredibly adorkable and just perfect! It would be super easy to replicate as well. Even better if you have an actual dog – make it a family affair.

Corpse Bride and Groom (And Dog!)

Corpse Bride and Groom (And Dog!)

But my absolute allllll time favorite for the 2014 Halloween season would have to be:

1. Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. You could easily create this costume yourself by visiting your local thrift store and buying the infamous t-shirt from the internet or at a store near you.


What are y’all planning to do for Halloween? I’d love to hear from you!


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