Finally, Allahweh Plays Slender: The Arrival!

There are many games that come to mind when you think about horror games, including Amnesia: The Dark DescentDead SpaceAlone in the Dark (when you want to go retro), and many more. Yet, within the past year or two, one craze has hit us hard and has spawned a game that’s a go-to these days: Slender: The Arrival.

Based on the success of the free game Slender: The 8 Pages, this 2013 game produced by Blue Isle Studios builds on that original game and creates an experience that takes about two hours or so to get through (at an average pace, taking into account dying quite a few times on the regular difficulty). The game creates a strong sense of dread in certain areas and also does a good job with the jump scares and, overall, this being my first real Slender experience, I walked away with a good taste in my mouth.

I really enjoyed streaming this game, and I hope you enjoy watching both parts of this in honor of the Halloween season!

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