Zelda: Legend of Link — Let’s Play Volume I!

I’ve been talking about my stream sessions of a really cool Legend of Zelda hack on the NES called Zelda: Legend of Link. The hack pretty much completely revamps the classic game, putting in elements not seen until Zelda: A Link to the Past and Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Given what we know about the developmental history of Zelda III, what little information is out there seems to suggest that at one point, there was an extremely early build of a third Zelda title on the NES, but it probably didn’t get too far beyond a very early, possibly mock-up only, stage before it was scrapped in favor of putting a new title out on the then-upcoming Super Nintendo. But, elements of the 8-bit project were brought into the SNES and also the GB games.

This title seems to serve as a good “what if” situation, and is probably pretty close to what a true Zelda III would have been like on the NES. This patch was created by a hacker who goes by Infidelity, and you can find more information on this title right here.

This video is a three-part installment of my stream sessions, put into one longer video for convenience’s sake, with a chapter select about 11 seconds into the video. From there, you can select which part of the video you’d like to jump ahead to, which I think is pretty cool. This volume here is about the first half of the game, though I get through the second half a bit faster, as you’ll see later on. I really hope you enjoy this one!

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