Spoiler-Free Review: Gotham: Episode 2: Selina Kyle


Previously on Gotham, Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered, we were introduced to many classic villains, and the Oswald went from a vaguely creepy weirdo small-time mob boss to a stone-cold murderer. Gordon was told by Harvey to kill Oswald, but instead, Gordon let him live. He’ll probably regret that.

This episode begins with a LOT of stuff happening at once: Bruce is still testing out his fears, Selina (called Cat by her friends) bears witness to the very creepy injection and kidnapping of her fellow homeless teenagers, and Oswald murders two frat boys who say he looks like a penguin when he walks. Oops. The dynamic between Gordon and Harvey is great – they clash continuously but still manage to have a kind of buddy cop dynamic. Robin Lord Taylor is excellent, able to turn on a dime from simpering toady to dangerous murderer. We also meet Oswald’s mother, Gertrude, played by an absolutely wonderful Carol Kane.

I enjoy the many women in positions of power – Fish, Captain Essen, and Selina are all really cool ladies who don’t take any shit. Some of the dialogue is a bit over the top, but it’s like a comic book in that way. Some more hints are dropped about the universe – Arkham Asylum gets mentioned, as well as the Wayne foundation. I really loved getting to know Selina more in this episode, and the villains were genuinely creepy. I’m still not sure how I feel about Alfred; he’s much harsher in this than I’ve ever seen him.

I enjoyed this one even more than the first. Join me next Monday! Watch Gotham Monday nights at 8pm EST.

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