Super Mega Man 3 Playthrough!

When you think about Mega Man fan games, there are plenty out there. One could almost say they’re a dime-a-dozen these days. The fact is, there are some great fan game engines for this particular series, and since they became so readily available, lots of people have taken a stab at making a decent 8-bit styled fan game. Some of the very popular and well-designed ones include Mega Man UnlimitedMega Man: Rock Force, and Mega Man Revolution, but there’s a very good chance you haven’t heard about this game here.

Honestly, Super Mega Man 3 is an odd name for a fan game, and with a name like that you might quickly dismiss this one. Yet, this game is actually not that bad. I admit that the designs for most all the Robot Masters, except Dragon Man, are absolutely terrible. Despite that, they actually fight pretty well and are generally challenging, the game actually makes good use of fan music and official tunes, and the gameplay is very solid and introduces some interesting gimmicks. The story is kind of lacking, but that’s sort of to be expected here.

Honestly, I’d rate this game at around the B- level, which isn’t that bad at all. It’s rough around the edges, and a little weird near the end, but the game is still fun enough to play.

This playthrough covers the entire game, including the bonus stage!

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